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Dr. Farinawati Yazid

Dr Farinawati Yazid is a paediatric dentistry lecturer and course coordinator for paediatric dentistry undergraduate program in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia. She completed her dental education from University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia in 2006 and pursued her post graduate qualification from University of Malaya and graduated in 2014. Her research interests are regenerative dentistry, advanced biomaterial, oral fluid disease detection, and innovation for oral care. She has been able to secure multiple local and international research grants to continue her research projects. She has also published her research findings in reputable journals and has been invited as a speaker in multiple conferences.

Title: Chemometric Analysis and Spectroscopy in Caries Detections



Ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy is a technique that measures light absorption of an analyte. It can be applied in dental materials investigations and caries detection. UV spectroscopy coupled with chemometric analysis can be used for caries detection in saliva samples. Difference in caries severity can be measured with the absorption spectrum and analysed with chemometric models.

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