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Dr. Nor Adinar

Dr. Nor Adinar is currently an Associate Professor in the field of Periodontics in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, Malaysia. She has 17 years of experience in research, teaching and management roles. She has been a principal investigator in various research projects pertaining to obesity and periodontal disease, periodontal-systemic relationship, regeneration, and animal models. Her research output has been published in various peer-reviewed international and local publications. She has also been actively involved as a panel member for the accreditation of the professional postgraduate programmes for various local universities. She believes in nurturing the aspiring researchers to embrace themselves in meaningful research could push the boundaries of knowledge further.

Title: : Relationship between obesity and periodontal disease – could it be the microbiota?


Obesity is a chronic low grade systemic inflammation. Periodontal disease is a host-mediated inflammatory lesion that leads to periodontal attachment loss. Positive association between the two conditions was consistent but the mechanism remains elusive. I shall explore their associations from the context of oral microbiota. 

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